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Our area of expertise covers the following:

Accountants, CAD Operators, Chemical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Construction Management, C& I Engineers, Cost Engineers, Design Engineers, Document Controllers, Draughtsmen, Electrical Engineers, HSE Managers, HR Advisors, Instrumentation Engineers, IT Engineers, Laboratory Technicians, Maintenance Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, PA/Secretaries, Piping Engineers, Planners, Process Engineers, Procurement/Expeditors, Project Management, Inspectors, QA/QC Managers, Quantity Surveyors, Stress Engineers, Structural Engineers. Technical Clerks, Technicians.
If you are seeking work, please send a copy of your CV to enquiries@listrecruitment.co.uk or upload using the form below.
We aim to observe the highest principles of ethics, equity, integrity, professional conduct and fair practice in dealing with others.  Ethical conduct at List is not simply a compliance with legal requirements but extends to honesty, respect for and equitable treatment of others and social responsibility.


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